Verna J Kirkness

Verna J. Kirkness Science & Engineering Education Program

The Kirkness Program provides the opportunity for grade 11 students to spend one week in a research laboratory (science or engineering) and experience what it would be like to attend University.

This program is open to Grade 11 First Nations, Métis or Inuit students with an interest in science, math or engineering. Applications with instructions are on Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation website:

  • All expenses are paid – transportation, food and accommodations.
  • Students live on campus along with teacher/chaperones and spend time with Elders at Aboriginal Students’ Centres at each University.
  • Students will make a presentation of their research findings on the final afternoon of the Program.
  • Students will attend an Honour Dinner with Dr. Verna J. Kirkness

Jocelyne Robinson, Program Director
Cell 778.952.1873