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Picture of Ashley Wolfe - Land-Based Educator & Community Coordinator

Ashley Wolfe - Land-Based Educator & Community Coordinator

Tansi Boozhoo!
Wabishki Binaise Siik Ndizhnikaaz, Nimaamaa dash Ninookomis Peguis First Nation, Selkirk St. Peter’s Oonjii, Winnipeg Ndoonjii, Garson Brokenhead Ndaa, Ma’iingan Ndoodem.

My name is Ashley Wolfe, and my traditional name is White Thunderbird Woman. My maternal line comes from Peguis First Nation (modern day Selkirk and St. Peter’s, Manitoba) and I currently reside near Beausejour, in the RM of Brokenhead, and I am Wolf Clan. I am also German, my maternal grandfather was born in Dittersbach, Germany and came to Canada by ship, through Montreal, before resettling in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am also a German language speaker. My father’s side is all Irish, briefly residing in Saint John, New Brunswick, from Belfast and County Cork, Ireland, before resettling in Winnipeg as well.

I am a Land-Based Educator and Community Coordinator in the Environmental Conservation Lab (ECL), and recently graduated with an Advanced Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Advanced Indigenous Studies, minoring in History. My focus in my work is decolonizing education through land-based learning, working with youth and Elders, and raising awareness about the importance of water through an Indigenous Knowledges perspective. Through the ECL, I am able to work with communities to make water testing and environmental monitoring accessible within the community, and to encourage our next generation of land and water protectors through hands-on experience.

I am currently on Maternity leave, with the upcoming arrival of my second daughter, and will be returning to the ECL in August to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Picture of Tanjina Tahsin - Environmental Science

Tanjina Tahsin - Environmental Science

Tanjina Tahsin, belongs to the land of rivers: Bangladesh, a country in South Asia. She has completed her master’s degree from the University of Manitoba and Kis Kin Ha Ma Ki Win-Learning science through land initiative gave her the platform to explore the role of land-based camps that are simultaneously grounded in the science and Indigenous Knowledge on facilitating youth understanding and action regarding the environment, as a part of her master’s thesis.

Currently, she is working as a Biological Technician for Kis Kin Ha Ma Ki Win. Being a part of the initiative allows her to work with different Indigenous communities across Manitoba. All these experiences motivate her to work with Indigenous people, especially youth and learn from Indigenous knowledge keepers.

Besides, she has a B.S. (Honours) and master’s degree in Soil, Water and Environment from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her study and research over there were focused on environmental chemistry especially on contamination (heavy metals). Therefore, she enjoys working with laboratory equipment, chemical reagents and finding out the facts and reason behind any concern or contamination.

She has contributed in writing community reports summarizing the scientific test results conducted on the land-based camps in an accessible and simplistic language. She hopes to continue her work of integration and developing ways to better facilitate science communication.

Tanjina is currently on Maternity Leave.