Our Camps

**Summer 2024 is almost booked up. If you are interested in setting up a camp, please reach out to us!**


Guided by Indigenous cultures and knowledge, community youth will learn about environmental science through land-based teachings. These land-based camps will provide exciting opportunities to increase youth’s awareness and skills about science and the natural world.

Learn from Elders, environmental scientists, and Indigenous scholars in a hands-on and applied way.

This is an opportunity to learn about the science of local environments: in water, plants, fish, wildlife, and human relationships with their environment.

With Community

We will work with educational leaders, teachers, harvesters, and Elders within a community context to identify local priorities regarding the environment to develop two-day or five-day land-based camps reflecting these priorities.

As part of the Kis Kin Ha Ma Ki Win (“learning” in Cree) initiative, five-day and two-day camps, along with one-day workshops, will be held in collaboration with interested communities. We will provide youth with opportunities to learn about science in localized and applied contexts through hands-on learning, problem-solving, and skill development. Science skills gained will include water testing, sampling for medicines, fish and wildlife, as well as the collection and analysis of environmental data.

The costs of these camps will be covered by existing grant funding.