Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science

TRACKS is an educational program for youth to learn about indigenous and western sciences. With many different workshops to choose from, youth can take traditional knowledge and western science to see how they are interconnected.

Land For Healing

This report was published in 2018 by the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation. It describes how the land can be used for healing. It focuses on a First Nations Land-based Service Delivery Model.

Inuit Land-Based Camps

The Department of Education in Nunavut is working with Inuit organizations to develop a land-based camp curriculum with a focus on biology, climate change, fisheries and more.

STEM Summer Camps

This article explains the opportunities youth have in participating in a land-based STEM camp at Canadore College. STEM refers to Indigenous Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Students K-12 Can Learn of Land-Based Values

Learn more about the programs offered about Indigenous terrestrial and aquatic based skills in western and norther Canada. There are videos, statements, and more from participants about these land-based learning programs

Educators Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into the Classroom

This report describes how educators are attending land-based camps in order to bring that Indigenous knowledge into their classrooms. It details the stages of their learning as well as how they plan to integrate it into their curriculums.

Why Land-Based Learning is Important

This brief article details why land-based learning is important. It explains the benefits and outcomes that can come from land-based learning curriculums and how to get started in a classroom

Bring Cultural Awareness Back by Learning on the Land

This article explains the education path of a young boy named Hunter. For part of the school year he is with his peers in a classroom, and the other part of the school he is on the land learning from traditional skills from his mother, elders, and ancestors.

Land Learning with Indspire

Indspire is a well-known company that encourages, promotes, and offers many programs for Indigenous students and educators. On the Land Education is a youth initiative to make changes to the curriculum and allow students to study land-based skills.